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September 29, 2016

Buying a used car can be a risky experience, here are a few tips to avoid buying someone else's headache car or one you may not want to pay the maintenance on.

First, if you are buying from a private party, ask for the service records on the car, and run a car fax report. This will let you see if the car has been properly maintained and ever been in an accident.

If you are buying from a dealer, those same questions apply, but also find out if there is a "grace" period to return the car back to them with no costs.

Next and MOST important, insist on having the vehicle inspected by an independent company. A pre-purchase inspection will get you a very good idea of the current condition of the car, any repairs that it might need and any maintenance issued that also might be coming due.

It isn't just about knowing if the car is in good shape, but alos about knowing what kind of expense you are taking on with the maintenance. A cheap purchase price, on a car that has need of a 900.00 brake job isn't much of a buy, if you don't know how much those repairs cost!

Your local independent service center can do a pre-purchase inspect, and should give you a detailed report on the car when complete. Average cost is between 100-200 and worth every penny. We recently did an inspection for a gentleman who was thinking about buying a Porsche Cayenne. The car was a good privce and it good shape, but needed upcoming maintenance. In talking with him, I worked out the costs that he would be looking at in the near future, and this was a major eye opener for him! IN the end, he decided that this wasn't in his best interest not because the car was bad, but that the cost to maintain was far far more than he had thought it would be.

So, keep these thoughts in mind before you make that purchase!!

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